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We are a very small, 100% volunteer dog rescue based outside Sierra Vista, AZ and West Texas.ANNOUNCEMENT:
As of Jan 1, 2024 we will be undergoing a major transition! We are finally launching our dream, a website dedicated towards helping people ADHD, Autism, and other invisible conditions train their own Psychiatric Service Dogs.
If you are interested, here is a great resource we use weekly:
All phone number and emails will still be valid through 2024, as we pledge to continue supporting our beloved adopters! ♥️

Have questions? Please feel free to email us.


We invite you to read through our FAQs first, or go ahead and get in touch if you have specific questions.


1. Where are you located?
We have 2 home bases, a small ranch outside Sierra Vista, AZ and a home in El Paso, West Texas.
2. Why do you list dogs for adoption in both places?
We travel frequently between both locations, and because of the severe shortage of vet services in southern AZ we often transport dogs between the two spots. We're also not allowed to keep more than 4 dogs in El Paso, due to city regulations, so our base remains in AZ.
3. How do you choose adopters?
We are led by one question alone:
"What is best for this dog?"
Most of our dogs are with us for 30 days or more, and we really get to know what their personalities are like. We aim to successfully place them in forever homes, within families where they can really shine!
4. Why is this page kinda hidden?
Believe it or not, we get a lot of crazy people and "window shoppers" applying for dogs. 😝 We prefer to keep communication to a minimum until we have passed the initial Adoption Application screening.
5. Are you a non-profit?
We are not registered as a 501c3, however we ARE a 100% volunteer and money-losing operation! Our average monthly fees to care for 8-12 dogs are:
-$350 high quality, grain-free dog food
-$250 general vet fees
-$100-200 for gas/transportation
-$70-150 per spay/neuter
-$50-100 for grooming/supplies
-$50-100 for vaccines
-$50 for toys and treats
If you are more comfortable adopting from a registered 501c3, please do so!
We are pro-freedom family and prefer more autonomy and less bureaucracy, and have no time for extra paperwork and "boards". We started taking in dogs due to a lack of shelters in our area and a high number of strays and "oops litters". The only shelter in our area euthanizes animals after a 1 week grace period. It brings us no profit, but a lot of joy to place good dogs in great homes.
6. Do you adopt out dogs or puppies that are not spayed/neutered?
No. Per Petfinder rules, every dog we adopt out has been spayed/neutered and received shots from a licensed vet.
7. How long is a dog usually with you?
Almost all of our dogs are with us for at least a month, so we can get them proper vet care and also evaluate their personalities and quirks. We aim for forever placements that fit both the dog and the adopters, and do not "move dogs" the way a municipal shelter has to. Our longest current resident is Bruno, who has patiently been waiting for the right person for over a year! He is a very friendly Pointer mix who adores car rides and playing ball!
8. What are your adoption fees?
Our adoption fees are generally $175 for adults and between $175-$300 for puppies under 1 year. Sometimes this varies slightly due to extra travel fees or vetting fees.
9. Do we pay for the dog upfront?
Never! We try to do our part to educate against pet scams, and encourage people to only pay adoption fees for pets after they have actually seen them, in person. Note: We may ask for a $50 travel deposit if we are transporting the dog over 1 hour, just to make sure we aren't driving to a no-show. Yes, sadly it has happened to us more than once! In that case, 100% of the travel deposit will be deducted from the adoption fee.
10. Where do I start?
Please fill out our Adoption Application here. We try to reply to everyone within 48 hours, but we aren't perfect! Please understand, we do receive a lot of applications for some dogs and choose the best fit situation for the individual dog. Thank you!